Klementinum Mirror Chapel

The Mirror Chapel, really called the Chapel of the Annunciation, is located in the Klementinum complex in Prague's Old Town. The interior of the chapel is a remarkable example of the High Baroque. The mirror chapel got its name thanks to the large number of mirrors located in the interior of the chapel.

 The chapel was built between 1722-1726. But already in 1784 the chapel was consecrated. It was consecrated again in 1815 and served its purpose until 1923. Subsequently, it underwent a complete reconstruction and since 1936 it has served as a place for cultural events such as concerts and exhibitions. The Clementinum is a former Jesuit college and is the second largest building complex in Prague after Prague Castle. The Clementinum is located right in the center of Prague near the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge. The Klementinum complex houses the National Library of the Czech Republic and is one of the national cultural monuments of the Czech Republic.


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