Ballet records

7 records from the world of ballet. Maybe you'll see it at Hyberns.

989 dancers gathered on 24 August 2008 in Cape Town, South Africa, within a single ballet class,  setting a new record.
Ballerina Alicia Clifton set a record in consecutive pirouettes in December 2005 when she turned around as many as 36 times.
He did not dance until the age of 49. At the age of fifty, American Frank Galey began to do ballet. He stopped dancing at the age of 74, setting a record for the oldest active ballet dancer.
Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev must have been more exhausted from taking their bow after the show than the performance itself in 1964, when they set a record for the number of curtain calls.  After the performance of Swan Lake in the Vienna Opera, they received a total of 89 curtain calls.
One ballet record was also set in the Czech Republic. In the city of  Pelhřimov in June 2006, Lenka Michalcová stood en pointe with no support for an incredible 1 hour and 5 minutes.
On the same day, Klára Votoupalová joined her with her own record, when she was able to perform a continuous side split for 40 minutes and 21 seconds.
In January 1973, dancer Wayne Sleep executed the fastest entrechat-douze, a jump during which the dancer crosses their straight legs at the lower calf six times in the air. He managed to perform this jump in 0. 71 seconds.