Ten reasons to take your wife to a ballet performance (or to go alone)

1. No one has ever surprised her as much as you by giving her the Swan Lake tickets.

2. It is never too late to start pretending to be interested in culture.
3. There is no better way to provoke your partner's jealousy than to invite her to a ballet performance. She will never believe you have a clear conscience. And she will try harder to be a good wife.
4. There are several great pubs in the vicinity of the Hybernia Theatre, where you can share your impressions after the show.
5. Ballet dancers tend to be slim, beautiful, and they like to move. It may come as a welcome change.
6. You may not know of it but there is a chance your wife is trying to dance at home. With a well-chosen and suitably timed comparison to a dying swan, you will most likely make her very happy.
7. Ballet is a perfect reason to give that suit to the drycleaner´s before you get surprised by the start of the ball season (and the dry vomit on the lapel).
8. The difference between a bumpkin and a gentleman is two hours spent watching the Nutcracker.
9. f you want to take revenge on a friend, tell his wife of the beauty of ballet positions with all enthusiasm you can gather, and give her a programme of the next performance.
10. After all, ballet tickets come substantially cheaper than a perfume, jewellery or a mink stole.