Ten reasons to take your husband to a ballet performance (or to go alone)

1. I don't have anyone to go with because my girlfriends are too busy.

2. I have a new dress and there is no occasion to wear it.
3. I want to buy a new dress and I don't have a good excuse.
4. You never know - a man keen on culture (one of the two living in Prague, or both if you are super lucky) may attend the same show.
5. It is scientifically proven that the level of romance in ballet (the unit of measure is Richard Gere counting as 1 unit) is 3 times higher than the amount of romance in Dirty Dancing film.
6. Get inspired, you can dance just the same at home for your children or for the colleagues at work. Be like Odetta!
7. Yes, there is no one quite like Patrick Swayze, but your man can always make sure that “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” and buy the front row tickets.
8. Seeing and being seen, that's what it´s all about!
9. When you see your partner moved to tears, you will get that brief feeling again that you did not make a mistake the day you walked down the aisle.
10. This is going to be the sweetest revenge for all the afternoons he has spent cheering on football!